Successul end of Turkish Mint Strike after 68 days

The agreement has taken the demands of strikers into consideration and changed the relevant provisions on:
-Health and Safety,
-Union & collective agreement rights,
-Compulsory assignment from one job to another
-Providing the rights caused by CBA to the Tekel workers who transferred in January 2012 from another public company (which was closed down) to Darphane & Damga
-Fair wages (partial improvement by increasing a social premium by 3%)

Basin-IS and the strikers would like to thank all the unions and colleagues which have provided solidarity and support during the strike.

Photo from left to right: Mr. Yakup Akkaya, President of Basin-Is, Mr. Ramazan Agar, Financial Secretary of Turk-Is (Trade Union Confederation), Mr. Faruk Celik, Minister of Labour and Social Security, Mr. Erhan Polat, General Secretary of Kamu-Is (Public Employers' Association).
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