Strike at Turkish Mint enters 40th day

205 members of Basın-Is (UNI Graphical and Packaging affiliate) have been on strike since the 8th of July at Darphane ve Damga Matbaası (a Turkish Mint & Stamp factory, producing gold, coins and security printings like passporst, ID cards, driving licences, official stamps and banderols).

90% of the employees attended the strike. They demand respect for trade unions as well as better work, health and safety conditions. They demand an end to the intimidation and humiliation that comes with speaking up for fair wages and an adequate security system.

In spite of all manipulation and political pressure, the strikers are steadfast in their demands. Management have already tried to break the strike in various ways.

In the meantime, a solidarity campaign was launched by Basin-Is in order to support the protesters in their long-term strike, aimed at increasing visibility and awareness through public campaigns.

The strike has especially impacted the gold market; prices became very unstable and have been increasing. The Chamber of Jewellers has called for an end to the strike considering the toll it is taking on the market.

Additionally, the scarcity of coins in the Turkish system has become apparent. As a result of this scarcity, management tried to break the strike to deliver coin rings through illegal means, but the strikers persevered.
40 days have passed, and there has still been no progress in negotiations. UNI Graphical and Packaging stands with Basin-Is and supports their strike
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